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At Exosun, Our Solar Trackers Are The Result Of Perfectionist Engineering And Years Of Hands-On Experience.

Flawless in their simplicity, robustness, and flexibility, our trackers are the smartest solutions on the market for smooth and fast project deployment, high solar performance and profits.

Every detail is optimized to offer the highest reliability, as proven with its 99.9% tracking availability.

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The advantages of

exosun solar tracker topography pictoHigh flexibility for flowing topography

For maximum project adaptability our trackers smoothly follow hilly topography without land grading.

exosun solar tracker topography photo
  • Adaptable: Up to 10% slope tolerance in all directions, even between piers
  • Easy alignment: Only 3 to 5 piles to align across 20 or 30 meters
  • Flexible: Short tracker rows offer high layout flexibility

exosun solar tracker installation pictoUnrivalled simplicity for smooth and fast installation

Exotrack HZ V.2’s straightforward design and unrivalled simplicity are reflected in its market leading installation rate of 200 man-hours per MWp.

exosun solar tracker installation photo
  • Streamlined: Few parts, pre-mounted elements, and 5 times less bolts and nuts than most other trackers
  • Safe: Lightweight parts weighing no more than 50 kg (110 pounds) do not require special installation
  • Fast: High product mounting tolerances for speedy deployment even in remote areas

exosun solar tracker dc cabling pictoImportant cost savings in dc cabling

Our years of on-site experience led us to design an optimized solar tracker system that reduces the DC wiring costs of utility-scale solar plants by up to 17 %.

exosun solar tracker dc cabling photo
  • Optimized: Efficiently engineered DC string management
  • Cost-savings: 3 times less PV extension cables than long row trackers
  • Less trenching: One trench for all plant wiring

exosun solar tracker maintainability pictoLarge-scale maintainability

Minimal long-term O&M costs are crucial to ensuring your solar plant’s profitability. That is why our engineers designed Exotrack HZ solar trackers to be the lowest maintenance solar trackers on the market.

exosun solar tracker maintainability photo
  • Robust: Balanced design, structural stiffness, high quality components
  • Low maintenance: No greasing, no sensors, few motors and controllers representing only 630 key elements to maintain per 100 MW
  • Innovative centralized control system: Power data management for efficient asset management

Multiple configurations available

To meet all project needs

cSI Modules

csi modules

Framed & Glass-Glass

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First Solar 4

First Solar

Series 4 Modules

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Solar Frontier

Solar Frontier


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Associated  tools

exosun solar tracker module cleaner image
exosun solar tracker module cleaner picto

Exosun Cleaning Robot
The most competitive cleaning solution

Improve plant performance at reduced cost with our desert proof, scalable and Plug & Play robot.

Revolutionnize your cleaning methods and clean up to 5 MWp in just 8 hours.Learn more here

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exosun solar tracker exodesigner picto

Free AutoCad Add-on

Design a solar plant perfectly adapted to your needs in 4 easy steps.
This time saving tool, will allow you to easily test multiple layouts with different tracker configurations. Determine which plant configuration best meets your project’s economic and technical objectives. Learn more here.

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What our customers say

  • customer logo gensun

    As EPC of the Grabels solar plant in the South of France, we were able to measure the robustness and quality of Exosun’s solar trackers. Their smart but simple design allowed us to optimize the installation time and costs of the mechanical structure and the electrical network. We appreciated the efficiency of Exosun’s support services, in particular their logistical assistance, which contributed to the successful commissioning of the plant. Moreover, Exosun fulfilled all settled agreements and deadlines.

    Nicolas Salvat, Director of Operations

  • customer logo phoenix solar

    We are delighted to partner with Exosun on this major photovoltaic project in Jordan. After a thorough evaluation process, we found the Exosun product to be a superior system. Exosun’s cost-efficient, robust, fast to install tracking technology will maximize the performance of our client’s power plants. Exosun will also provide on-site installation support services and we also appreciated the proactiveness of Exosun’s engineering team.

    Klaus Friedl, SVP Projects, Head of Middle East

  • customer logo bouygues

    The strength of Exosun's team lies in their combined industrial and hands-on know-how. During our collaboration on three PV projects in France totalling 25 MW of installed power, we appreciated their support services, and in particular the responsiveness of their logistics team, their assistance and training in tracker installation, as well as their detailed manuals. Moreover, we were able to measure the ease of the installation of their systems and the rigorous application of the quality management rules.

    Phillipe Jourdhas, Project Leader



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